Recent additions

Added lots of new gear since the last post, and lowered pricing on all DSLR bodies as well.

New gear includes:

– Sound Devices 664 field mixer / recorder; six inputs, ten recording channels, dual recording… a beast of a machine

– SONY FS700 video camera, capable of 1080p 240p (that’s 240 frames per second at full high def), and excellent low light shooting because of it’s native ISO800; part of the purchase is the available, normal Metabones Canon adapter in version 2 (full use of most Canon lenses, to include aperture, auto focus, and images stabilization), as well as the amazing Speed Booster, which allows 35mm-like field of view and depth of field, as well as adding a full stop (that’s twice the usable light) to any EF lens attached to it (this means that an f/4 lens now acts like a f/2.8 lens, for example); a Nikon adapter is also available

– Sachtler FSB-8 tripod (it’s officially rated at 22#, but I’ve seen it well used with over 30# of load)

– Lectrosonics 100mW wireless lavalier set

– an Apple Macbook Pro with 15.4″ LCD, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD as well as 1TB drive (replacing the internal Superdrive, which is now housed in an external USB case, should someone really need it), and to top it off, Photoshop CS6, Lightroom 4, and Capture One

– two Canon 600EX-RT flashes

– two Nikon SB910 flashes

– three GoPro Hero3 Black cameras with spare batteries, every harness/accessory GoPro makes, etc.; these are incredible little machines, and the wireless app is killer

…and I think that’s about it.