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Renting in Charleston, Columbia, Myrtle Beach, and Savannah.

Gear Rental Price List

We are located on 1540 Meeting St.:

Please keep in mind that visits to the shop are by appointment only

For questions about rental procedures, first check the FAQ. Payment needs to include SC 9% sales tax, and is by check (made out to Charleston Multimedia LLC), Venmo (CMedia), credit card if you’re willing to pay the 4% convenience fee, or cash and due when picking up gear. Note that we rent photo, video, and audio production equipment, not PA systems, speakers, projectors, event displays, etc.; for those, contact Fox Audio Visual. For mid-to-large budget grip rentals (grip trucks, HMIs, 60KW generators, etc.), contact High Output Charleston.

Please email us to make a reservation, if you have any special gear requests, and/or if you need a production crew, a single operator, recordist, DIT, or technical advisor for the below equipment and/or for your own project.

Look at the below list and/or download the fairly current pdf.

Gear List <

As you can see from the above list, we have Charleston lens rentals, Charleston camera rentals, Charleston Canon rentals, 5D Mark III, 5DIII, 5D3, Charleston Nikon rentals, D800, D600, Charleston Panasonic rentals, Charleston SONY rentals, Charleston FS700 rentals, Charleston AF100 rentals, Charleston AG-AC160 rentals, Charleston Einstein rentals, Charleston Alien Bees rentals, Charleston Paul Buff rentals, Charleston Lastolite rentals, Charleston TVLogic rentals, Charleston Honda generator rentals, Charleston Varizoom rentals, Charleston GoPro Hero rentals, Charleston Cool Lights rentals, Charleston Sachtler rentals, Charleston Bogen rentals, Charleston SmallHD rentals, Charleston Manfrotto rentals,Charleston Redrock rentals, Charleston Zacuto rentals,Charleston Steadicam rentals,Charleston dolly rentals,Charleston jib rentals, Charleston slider rentals, Charleston Kessler rentals, Charleston Sennheiser rentals, Charleston Rode rentals, Charleston microphone rentals, Charleston Lectrosonics rentals, Charleston Sanken rentals, Charleston Oktava rentals, Charleston Audio Technica rentals, Charleston Sound Devices rentals, Charleston SD664 rentals, Charleston SD442 rentals, Charleston 744T rentals, Charleston DR-680 rentals, and more. We also offer Charleston video production and Charleston lighting rentals.

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Please remember to include WHAT (e.g. Canon 5D Mark III) you want,
WHEN (e.g. from May 13th to May 20th) you want it, and for how long (e.g. three days).

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How does renting work?

  •  Once you’ve determined what you want, when you want it, and for how many days, use the the contact form to email us. We’ll then confirm availability, and email you back usually with a proposed appointment time.

How does the pricing work?

  • Let’s say you want a Canon 8-15mm for one day. You find it on the list, go over to the first column (1 day), and if you aren’t using a credit card, it’s $40 + $3.60 tax = $43.60. For five days, you go over to the third column (4-7 days), and see that it lists for $80. Add $7.20 for tax (and possibly the 4% credit card convenience fee), and that’s your total to have that lens for five days.

What’s the best way to contact you?

  • The best way to contact us is through the contact form; if it’s a real emergency (e.g. camera died in the middle of a wedding, you need a better microphone for your location, more lighting is needed for the group you’re shooting, etc.), you can call us at eight four three, three seven six, three one one three.

How and when do I pay?

  • Payment is check (made out to Charleston Multimedia LLC), Venmo (CMedia), credit card if you’re willing to pay the 4% convenience fee, or cash and due when picking up gear. Listed prices do not include the SC sales tax of 9%. The bounced check fee is $35.

Where are you located? What is your address? How do I get the gear?

  • We are located close to downtown Charleston, at 1540 Meeting St. (the Life Storage building). Arrangements can sometimes be made for alternate locations, as well as delivery/emergency delivery, though that naturally costs extra.

What are your hours?

  • Hours are by appointment only; we do not have typical 9-5 hours. On weekends, we’re usually open Saturdays and Sundays at 10AM until the last scheduled person leaves (so, ~1015AM). Last but not least, punctuality is the standard, and not the exception, so unless otherwise agreed upon, set appointment times are to be honored. If we agree on 10AM, that means 10AM, not whenever after 10AM; saying “I thought you meant your office opened at 10AM, and I could show up later” is a sure way to incur a late fee, as is showing up more than 15 minutes late. No one likes to have their time wasted.

What happens if I’m late picking up / returning gear?

  • As a professional, you wouldn’t dare show up 15, 30, 60, 120+ minutes late to your shoot/job, etc., and this is no different. Still, if you let me know well in advance that you’ll be more than 15 minutes late picking up or returning gear, I’ll generally work with you, but if you simply show up late, a late fee of $15 or more will likely be assessed.

What are the general requirements for renting? Is a deposit of some sort required?

  • Usually a copy/photo of your driver’s license and a credit card, along with a business card, are enough. Usually no deposit is required.

Do you offer some sort of insurance with the gear? What would happen if I damaged/lost the gear?

  • No, at least not yet, so you’re assuming any risk when renting. Some homeowner’s insurance policies cover this, some not, so it’s best to make sure. If you damaged/lost the gear, or had it stolen, you’d be responsible for a repair or a like-condition replacement. Please keep in mind that rental charges will continue to accrue while the gear is either repaired or a replacement is procured; this is because it’s not possible to rent something to someone else that’s not available due to damage/loss.

Is it possible to reserve equipment?

  • Yes, absolutely, people do it all the time, and the further in advance you reserve, the better. A reservation retainer is usually not required, though if you do make a reservation, please confirm or cancel it no later than 2-3 days prior to the rental date. Repeat last-minute/no-show/no-call cancellations will prompt me to ask for a non-refundable retainer.

Is it possible to rent for less than a day, or some odd number of days not listed in the 1/3/7 day chart?

  • Yes, you can rent for less than a day, but the minimum one day charge will still apply. Any number of days are possible, and I’ve had customers rent gear for as long as five months.
Do you provide tech support/training for the equipment?
  • Generally no, it is up to the renter to either be familiar with the equipment or learn to use it, especially prior to a stressful situation such as a wedding, interview shoot, etc. Google, forums, PDFs, etc. are all great resources.

Are you familiar with and/or proficient with the equipment you rent? Do you offer training? Are you available for jobs?

  • Because I’m an owner-operator, I am very familiar, and proficient with all of the gear, other than the genuine Steadicam listed for rent. I can offer some technical advice based on my expertise, but not formal training. I am available for jobs, often on very short notice. I regularly get hired as a recordist / audio tech, camera operator, DIT, crane operator, grip, etc., and usually offer a discount on rentals when I’m at the shoot, whether hired to run my own gear or not.